Information about Örekil-river salmon fishing 2008

This page is updated Saturday, February 9, 2008
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The lower Örekil-river´s fishing district contains all of the river, from the outlet of the lake "Kärnsjön" by "Torpdammen" to the north, to and including the river´s mouth in "Saltkällefjorden" by Munkedal´s habour to the south.

The opening day of the fishing-season is May 15th and the season ends on September 30th. The regions are the same as last year, and with the same special areas for fly- fishing. Information about the fishing regions, fly-fishing areas, pools etc. can be found
on the fishingmap.

The General Public have the possibility to purchase fishing licences to three different regions of the river, A, B and C. Pre-bookings of fishing licences can be done at "Sportfiskekontoret" (Sport Fishing Office) after April 1st, by telephone or fax +46-524-10777 and the best time to call is between 7.00 and 9.00 am, Monday to Friday.

Licences can also be purchased on site at the Sport Fishing Office (see map), at "Brålands gård" or at Hydro petrol station at the southern approach to Munkedal.

Henric Persson Roger Knutsson

Pictures above: to the left Henric Persson and to the right Roger Knutsson with fine salmons

All the fishing regions are well marked with posts. The boundaries for the fly-fishing areas are marked with orange posts (region A and B). In the fly-fishing areas fishing is only allowed with fly-rod with fly-fishing line. Fishing is allowed on the whole river in all of the three regions, but to avoid "tangling with others" there are parts of the river where fishing is allowed from only one shore of the river.

Arne Jensen

Fishing from boats, boat jetties or from private land is not allowed. Fishing licences are valid for one day, from 00.00 to 24.00 on the day listed on the licence. All the fishing rules and regulations, and good fishing ethics, are to be followed.

You can read the complete fishing-rules for
Örekil River salmon fishing here!

Picture to the right: Arne Jensen, Denmark with a salmon,
caught at August 1st 2007

Descriptions of the regions

Georgios Paetsanitidis
Picture above:
Georgios Paetsanitidis, DalsEd with
a salmon, caught at May 24th 2007

Region A

This region is the highest up the river and is restricted at it`s upper part to the west side of the river. Fishing is allowed from approx. 40 meters south of the salmon steps at "Brålandsfallet", and downstream to the south part of the island at "Skäret". Then on the east side of the river from the island at "Skäret" to the junction with the Munkedal river, where this region ends. Please note that higher regions of the "Brålandsfallet" are not part of the fishing regions and as such fishing is prohibited. The region does not incorporate any part of the Munkedal river.

Region B

On the east side of the river from the junction with the Munkedal river, and on the west side from "Gatesand", then downstream on both sides to the south end of this region at the railway bridge at "Åtorp". In pool # 19 fishing is allowed from both sides of the river. Please note that fishing is not allowed on the west side of the river: at the old fire station, at the old police station and at Smith`s Garage. Also note that the lower part of the region is shared with region C.

Region C
On both sides of the river from the point of land at "Åtorp", downstream to the mouth of the river at "Saltkällefjorden". Please note that the upper part
of this region is shared with region B.

Number of licenses
to each regions:
Odd numbered days:
20 per day (15 in sept)
Even numbered days:

3 per day
Odd numbered days:
3 per day
Even numbered days:
20 per day (15 in sept)
         All days:
       15 per day
Price of fishing licence
per day 2008

Region A

Region B

Region C

15 May - 31 August

200 SEK

200 SEK

60 SEK

1 September - 30 September

300 SEK

300 SEK

60 SEK
Youth fishing licence (under 18 years)

Half the ordinary price for respectively region and day

Yearly Fishing Licence, 15 May - 30 Sep.
(valid on region A,B and C) (28 licences)

4.000 SEK

Yearly Fishing Licence, 15 May – 30 Sep.
(valid only on region C)

500 SEK (adult)  250 SEK (under 18 years)

Contact persons:

River-keeper: Martin Dellien, telephone office +46 524 10777, mobile tel. +46 70 6509561
Lars-Åke Winblad, telephone +46 524 10628 or mobile tel. +46 70 5757847